MEDx Duke Kickoff Meeting

Mobile and Wireless Technology Colloquium

Mobile and wireless technologies provide an opportunity to connect information in the real-world via wearable sensors and, when coupled with fixed sensors embedded in the environment, to produce continuous streams of data on an individual’s biology, psychology, behavior, and daily environment. These data can reflect the unique environment patients reside in, taking into account the different exposures, stressors, and influences on their real-time disease and wellness states.

To realize the promise of mobile technology for health and healthcare, clinicians and health scientists need to partner with engineers, computer scientists, and data scientists in the development, design, and testing of these devices and their data.

Thus, the goals of this colloquium are as follows:

  1. To provide a forum that brings together faculty, staff and students across the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, and Arts and Sciences to develop an interdisciplinary community on the use of mobile and wireless technologies.
  2. To develop collaborative interdisciplinary grant proposals and scholarship.

We will host 5 meetings this spring to achieve these goals.

Kickoff Meeting

Tuesday, February 9th 

2pm – 4pm

Gross Hall room 270

Please register here if you’d like to join us! This meeting is open to Duke faculty, staff, and students who are interested in working at the intersection of engineering and medicine. We’re looking to bring together a diverse group of interested individuals.