Getting Started at a Health Tech Startup

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at a health tech startup? Or maybe you’ve thought about starting your own company? 

Join experts from 3 local startups:

  • Javier de Ana, Co-Founder & VP Research & Development, Novocor Medical Systems
  • Dave Levin, CEO, Bivarus, Inc.
  • Kyle Linton, Co-Founder & CEO, Nicotrax

With unique perspectives from a medical device company, a healthcare IT company, and an app startup, get insider perspectives on questions and decisions facing anyone who wants to start a health-related startup:

  • How to decide between starting a company and selling a product
  • How to find a CEO or CTO – what makes a good match?
  • …And learn what some of the most talked-about companies look for in first hires and interns. 

Light refreshments will be served! 

Email Erica for more information. 

More about the speakers: 

Javier-headshot left

Javier de Ana is a biomedical engineer with more than 10 years leading medical device innovation at Smith & Nephew, Inc., Bioventus, LLC and Novocor Medical Systems. Originally from Spain, Javier relocated to the US as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Michigan, where he was involved in his first university spinout, Xoran Technologies while pursuing his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Mr. de Ana co-founded Novocor Medical Systems in 2013.


dlevin2David Levin has over 20 years of experience in the health care and cloud-
based software industries. He was a member of the original management teams at two successful local Research Triangle companies, Clinipace Worldwide and MercuryMD. Prior to Clinipace Worldwide, David was a key executive at MercuryMD, joining in 2001 as vice president of product management and marketing. He helped launch several well-adopted software applications into the health care market prior to the company’s successful sale to The Thompson Corporation in 2006. David holds a master’s in health planning from the University of Georgia and a bachelor’s in biomechanics from Kent State University.


Kyle Linton is the CEO and Co-founder of Nicotrax Inc.  Kyle joined the company after completing his undergraduate studies at NCSU in 2014 where he focused on business development and marketing. Nicotrax is  a smart cigarette case that connects with a smoker’s smartphone to help interrupt smoking cues and support quit efforts. Outside of Nicotrax, Kyle is a personal trainer and is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals and live healthier lives.