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In this issue: OculusRift, but for health, all about weight stigma and obesity, and more!

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Issue 84



Oculus, creator of the OculusRift virtual reality headset, has partnered with another virtual reality company, VRHealth, to design therapies for pain management, chemotherapy, and for general anxiety management

Fitbit recently launched Fitbit Care, a new service that adds health coaching and virtual care as wraparound services to its activity tracking devices.

Results from a survey of over 1,000 US adults with a physician suggests that just over half (51%) of patients share their personal healthcare experiences via online ratings, review sites, and social media. Consumers looking for a healthcare practitioner also use these patient reviews to make their decisions about which provider to see. 


On obesity and weight stigma:
Read this: Our illustrious colleagues at Duke Digital Health, Dr. Gary Bennett and Ms. Christina Hopkins, researched how different weight-related terms affect self-efficacy and obesity perception among adults with overweight and obesity. 

…and this: A longform article in the Huffington Post called, Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong by Michael Hobbes

…and this: A recent systematic review of health at every size interventions on health-related outcomes of overweight and obesity.


Earlier this month, the Food and Drug Administration approved the Apple Watch as an ECG monitoring device. The myriad potential benefits and pitfalls are outlined in this MedCity News article.

Also check out this article, which outlines the process that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services went through as it decided to cover an iPhone-connected continuous glucose monitor.

The World Health Organization has designed a technology-based intervention for depression that provides psychoeducation and training in behavioral activation. It is adaptable to settings with different cultural contexts and resource availability.

Digital Health Funding

In this section, you’ll find research funding opportunities in digital health as we hear about them, and highlights of recently funded studies. If you have a funding opportunity you’d like us to include, please email erica.levine@duke.edu.

Funding Opportunities

The Duke Institute for Health Innovation (DIHI) has a Request for Applications open for demonstration pilots. DIHI is interested in solutions that align with the following thematic areas: preventing healthcare-acquired infection and enhancing quality and safety; population health and analytics; building resilience and well-being; enhanced transitions of care; novel patient interactions; team-based and new care models. Please go here for more information. The deadline is today(!) Friday, 9/28/18 by 6pm EST. This opportunity is open to all Duke faculty, staff, trainers, and students.  

Upcoming Events

The 2018 DHIT Summit will convene internationally recognized thought leaders in key stakeholders from the healthcare ecosystem to dig deep into how digital health can pervasively be used to transform the way we design and deliver care. 
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
8:00am – 5:00pm
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The Duke Health Innovation Jam is coming up!
October 4, 2018, 11am – 1pm

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