Digital Health Science Digest – Issue 54

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In today’s issue: a novel care model for mental health depends on tech, a bourgeoning FDA unit just for digital health, and more in this week’s issue!  

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Issue 54



A new care model being tested at Montefiore Health System integrates mental health treatment, primary care, and digital health. An app called Valera helps care managers coordinate with patients to better manage their anxiety and depression. Using the Valera platform helped patients engage more with care managers and led to improved symptoms, in addition to increasing the number of patients care managers could see.

Google is doing some exciting things in #digitalhealth – for consumers, providers, and researchers alike. Check out this article highlighting 6 ways Google is innovating in healthcare.  



A newly published systematic review of mHealth interventions for obesity and diabetes treatment presents information on 24 randomized controlled trials conducted all over the world. Over half of the studies reviewed reported positive effects. 

Can an automated text messaging program increase engagement and improve clinical outcomes in treating depression? A recent randomized controlled trial  found that patients assigned to the text messaging program stayed in therapy significantly longer and attended more sessions than patients assigned to the control arm. While patients in both arms experienced significant improvements in depressive symptom severity, there were not significant differences between treatment arms. 


A new bill in Texas will soon be signed into law that allows a patient-physician relationship to be established without an in-person visit. There is a critical need for more healthcare in the state, as Texas ranks 46th in terms of number of primary care physicians per capita.

The FDA is in the process of creating a new unit dedicated to #digitalhealth. Check out Wired’s article on the new developments. 

The FCC is seeking comments on expanding telemedicine and improving broadband infrastructure. Specifically, they’re asking for comments on how to encourage broadband adoption, improve the FCC’s Rural Health Care Program, reach people with disabilities, and identify best practices.

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Congratulations to our colleagues over at Bluedoor Health, who published a white paper called, “The State of Digital Health in the Triangle.” We were honored to be featured in this report! Check out their new website,

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