What’s next in digital health (vol 211)

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Part of our ongoing, intermittent, and highly speculative series about what’s next in digital health

Invisible apps are what’s next in digital health. These are some of the best.

We’ve yet to see many invisible apps for digital health. But they’re clearly what’s next. As design focused as I am, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we can develop usable, sticky apps without graphical interfaces (there’s a trend to call these no-UI apps, but graphics do not an interface make).

Our studies show that we can achieve 12-month engagement of 84% engagement with a health app that’s delivered via interactive voice response and text. This means that 84% of participants will text or voice us at least weekly for a year.

Compare that to my rule of 70 which, in part says, most of your app’s users won’t come back for a second try.

Plus, these invisible apps have huge reach (91% of us text), lower cost (thanks Twilio), are easier to code (notifications APIs rock), and are easier on the MVP budget.