Digital Health Science Digest: Issue 20

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Staying connected during disasters, the digital (app) divide and global health, digital health features in the 2016 NIH strategic plan, and more! 

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Issue 20




  • Results are also in from a similar study, Wired for Health, run by the Scripps Translational Science Institute. 
  • This recently published paper presents an assessment of the evidence base of many popular fitness apps, as well as recommendations for future research. 
  • Older adults who were randomly assigned to receive texts that were “encouraging, a push, and a reminder” exercised significantly more often than participants who did not get texts after 12 weeks, results from a recent study indicate. However, after another 12 weeks there was no significant difference in exercise between the two arms.        


  • The NIH released its 2016 strategic plan; many of the goals presented as part of the plan incorporate or directly relate to supporting digital health and health IT.  Our personal favorite is #9, “Provide rigorous evidence that mobile technologies can enhance health and prevent disease”
  • To usher in 2016, the FDA has issued draft guidance to protect medical devices against cybersecurity threats. For a fun time, you can pore over the full guidelines – you’re welcome!  
  • The HHS will change a HIPAA Privacy Rule so that mental health providers can release identifying information of patients if they’re on a federal list that prevents them from possessing a firearm. 



  • The new MEDx Mobile and Wireless Technology Colloquium is hosting a kickoff meeting for Duke faculty, staff, and students who are interested in the intersection of medicine and engineering. Tuesday, 2/9 2pm in Gross 270 Find out more here! 
  • mHealth@Duke is accepting applications for the 2nd Annual Shark Tank! Enter your idea for a chance to “swim with the [mHealth] sharks” and win $1,000! Applications are due 2/26.
  • The Duke Center for Addiction Science and Technology (CfAST) is seeking an Assistant Professor with research interests in mHealth and related areas including personalized medicine, telemedicine, real-time adaptive interventions, and/or behavior sensing. 


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