mHealth@Duke and Duke Digital Health: we are together!

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It’s official!

mHealth@Duke is a program of Duke Digital Health. 

The move comes after a year of close collaboration between Bernard Fuemmeler, PhD, Founding Director of mHealth@Duke, and staff at Duke Digital Health, on event planning and program development. The culminating event of the 2014-2015 colloquium, the 3rd Annual mHealth@Duke Conference on April 15th drew over 200 attendees from all over the Triangle, and featured two keynote speakers – Kevin Patrick, MD, MS from UCSD discussed the future of mHealth interventions, and Bobby Jefferson at Futures Group talked about challenges in global mHealth. 

We also co-hosted 5 events throughout the 2014-15 year. Check out the list of past events!

Bernard Fuemmeler, co-Founder and Director of mHealth@Duke says, 

mHealth@Duke is happy to be partnering with the Duke Global Digital Health Science Center. This partnership will ensure that we can continue to bring quality opportunities for fostering mobile and digital health research at Duke. With the help of Erica Levine, we will be working together to host several exciting mHealth@Duke activities over the next academic year.  Stay tuned through the DDH newsletter!

Ours is a natural partnership, since we share the goal of bringing the Duke community together to discuss design, dissemination, and evaluation considerations in mobile and digital health interventions for conditions such as varied as obesity, mental health, HIV, and autism. 

Gary Bennett, the Director of Duke Digital Health, agrees.

We’re thrilled to be combining forces with mHealth@Duke. For the past 4 years, this consortium has fostered connection and communication not only across the myriad schools at Duke, but also across the Research Triangle. We’re looking forward to fostering deeper cross-disciplinary connections on mobile and digital health research and dissemination.

Looking forward

This year we have some exciting events planned. This evening,  we’re hosting a “Getting Started at a Startup” panel featuring co-founders & CEOs from medical device, mobile health, and health tech startups, and stay tuned for updates about the second annual Shark Tank! Be sure to save the date for our 4th annual mHealth@Duke conference scheduled for April 20th 2016

We’ll continue collaborating with groups across Duke on grants, software development for interactive communication platforms with research participants, and sharing best practices. Additionally, we want to continue fostering student participation. If you’re a current Duke undergraduate or graduate student, please connect with us by emailing Erica.

Either way, we hope to continue to grow, and in doing so, help Duke advance the science on digital health and mHealth. 

As members of the Triangle mHealth Consortium, part of our work this year will be devoted to engaging with mHealth researchers and practitioners in the greater Triangle – at RTI International, FHI360, UNC, and local startups like Smashing Boxes and Thrive 4-7! 

Want to get involved? 

Great! We’d love to have you! Email Erica [dot] Levine [at]

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