See ya later, Perry!

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If you’ve been in our office lately, you may have noticed that we’re a little mopey. That’s because we recently said “see you later” to our Associate Director, Perry Foley. Perry and her family are moving to Portland, Oregon

If you haven’t had the pleasure of knowing her, Perry has been our amazing Associate Director since the Center started, about 2 years ago. Before that, she was our amazing Project Director in Gary’s lab, the Duke Obesity Prevention Program. But really, she’s been our rock. She’s made sure that our grants go in on time, that our papers are published, and that we do all the other stuff we’re supposed to. She’s answered all our questions, big (which 3 grant ideas do we pursue this round?) and small (does this yogurt smell funny?) and she’s done it all with grace and aplomb. 

Perry has made our office a fun, family-friendly, and productive place to work by hiring really great, nice, research and programs staff members, training them well, and letting them shine.

She’s seen us through 2 R01s, 5 pilot studies, innumerable grant submissions, and even a move across campus! 

We wish Perry and her family the best of luck in their new adventures! …But man, will we miss her.