Digital Health Science Digest: Issue 6

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Issue 6



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  • Free birth control saves women money (roughly $1.4 billion/year) and if you provide it, women will use it (and then unwanted pregnancies and abortion rates will decline – like, by a lot). This is important data for addressing health disparities, according to Isabel Sawhill from the Brookings Institution, who says, “single parenting is a primary driver of inequality and long-acting birth control is a powerful tool to prevent it.” 

  • Mayo clinic has opened an eICU, where doctors can monitor patients in 95 beds over 3 states using telemedicine. In doing so, Mayo is pushing Congress to allow Medicare reimbursement for telemedicine services

  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced new rules on Wednesday designed to address housing discrimination and foster racial integration of neighborhoods. Maybe more integrated neighborhoods will mean better connected ones? Maybe they’ll mean healthier ones?

  • ICYMI, #ACAHereToStay !!!!! Here are the 8 best lines from The Supreme Court’s majority opinion upholding the federal exchange. Our personal favorite is #8. 



  • The Huffington Post recently launched Black Health BLACK HEALTHMatters, a sectionof HuffPo which “seeks to  raise awareness around the health gap and spotlight efforts to make the medical field more inclusive.”

  • Jesse Jackson is frustrated by the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley, and he’s doing something about it

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