Announcing Click! A study of online communities

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One of our Center’s doctoral students is launching a new study!

As Internet use has surged in popularity, there has been a proliferation of “online communities,” wherein people with shared interests, hobbies, and/or health conditions can gather online to give and/or receive informational and emotional support. Weight loss is one particular domain in which individuals are increasingly turning to online communities for support.

Online communities show some promise in promoting weight loss; however, very little is known about the user characteristics that are associated with weight change within the context of an online community. That’s where Click comes in! 

Click is an investigation led by one of our Center’s doctoral candidates, Ilana Lane. We are interested in learning more about people who use online communities, like the LoseIt subreddit (a sub-forum on, a popular online community), for weight loss. We are also interested in learning about how participation in an online community might affect weight loss over time. 

To address these questions, we will be recruiting individuals who have recently joined the LoseIt subreddit. Eligible participants will be asked to complete two anonymous surveys – one at baseline and another at either a 1- or 3-month follow-up. Each survey will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Recruitment for the study will start in mid-June and will run through August. Results of Click can ideally serve to inform the recruitment efforts and design of future web-based interventions for weight management. 

If you have any questions about Click, please email You can also visit our website: