Digital Health Science Digest: Issue 2

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This bimonthly digest includes a carefully cultivated list of new publications, policy news, and other fun digital health science stuff.  

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Issue 2



  • Thanks to everyone who came to the 3rd Annual mHealth@Duke Conference. We were trending on Twitter all day! Check out the stats. Video and conference recaps will be posted on the mHealth@Duke blog and our blog later this week. 

  • Looking for a great summary of HiMSS? Check out this one!

  • Google announced its own wireless service, Project Fi. Currently invite-only, Fi offers unlimited text, WiFi tethering, and a data plan that allows you to pay only for what you use. Base fee is $20/month. If successful, it may help make data and wireless service more affordable. 

  • North Carolina was named an “Innovation Champion” in a report from the Consumer Electronics Association which ranked all 50 states plus Washington, DC according to their willingness and ability to welcome and encourage technology innovation.


  • Did you know: 92% of the NIH budget goes directly to research? Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich urges Congress to double the funding for the NIH in a NY Times op-ed.  “By funding basic medical research,” he says, “Congress can transform our fiscal health, and our personal health, too.”

  • The Governmental Accountability Office is calling for the FCC to review the Lifeline program, which provides free phones to low-income Americans. Recent calls to expand the program to include broadband Internet have sparked interest in a review of the entire program for efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

  • The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) announced guidelines for Meaningful Use Stage 3. These objectives outline best practices for utilizing patient data, and encourage adoption of patient portals so patients can access their EHR data. These have important implications for patient engagement, health disparities, and the health IT industry. 

LJM9We’re hosting Lana Moriarty, the Director of Consumer eHealth, this Thursday, to talk through these implications and federal efforts to increase patient engagement in health IT. Join us if you’d like to hear more about these efforts!



  • This week is Patient Engagement Week at Duke Digital Health! We’ll be tweeting and blogging about patient engagement all week. To kick off, check out this video from our Roundtable Discussion on Social Media and Patient Engagement earlier this month. This was co-hosted by the Duke Syncope and Dysautonomia Clinic, Bass Connections, the Franklin Health Institute and mHealth@Duke.

  • Upcoming event: the Director of Consumer eHealth at HHS, Lana Moriarty, will speak at Duke this Thursday, April 30th. Trent Semans 6th floor. Reception to follow. 

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