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Most health apps rely on frequent phone use. That makes sense, given the obscene amount of time that we spend using our phones.

(Want to feel horrible about yourself some insight into your phone use? Install the Moments app. Then call your psychologist)

However, in the Apple Watch era, we may need to rethink health app design:

People that have worn the Watch say that they take their phones out of their pockets far, far less than they used to. A simple tap to reply or glance on the wrist or dictation is a massively different interaction model than pulling out an iPhone, unlocking it and being pulled into its merciless vortex of attention suck.

One user told me that they nearly “stopped” using their phone during the day; they used to have it out and now they don’t, period. That’s insane when you think about how much the blue glow of smartphone screens has dominated our social interactions over the past decade.